Tourism not voodoo


The “Welcome to Kincardine” sign on Highway 9 is covered with snow, a reader informed the office Friday.


Something tells me that few visitors (except area hockey teams) would have seen the sign in the last month, covered with snow or not.


It makes one wonder why Kincardine council spends so much of its time arguing about and spending money on tourism.


Tourism is not voodoo. Keep the municipality and its parks and beaches neat and clean; keep the pipe band marching; and support festivals and the tourists will come.


Actually, doing the above also helps the citizens who happen to live in the municipality and pay taxes 12 month a year. The more the local government does for its citizens, the more attractive it will become for visitors.


In other words, spend a little more effort on the needs of the people who live here.




This has been a cold, harsh winter – but it has provided some beautiful mornings this month. I always enjoy a walk on a bright sunny day in -20 degree weather with snow crunching underfoot.


Trouble with the cold is that it is driving the frost deeper and deeper into the ground, increasing the chance of frozen water lines into your house. (See the front page warning.)


The cold has also had quite an effect on The Great Lakes.


On Thursday, Huffer and Puffer Keith Filby was showing a few of us charts that indicate the ice cover on the lakes.


Keith worked on a tug in the Arctic last summer and has lots of experience figuring the charts out.

What he showed us was in The Toronto Star Monday.


The Great Lakes are almost completely frozen over, with 88 per cent ice coverage. Ninety-five per cent of Lakes Huron, Superior and Erie are ice covered. Lake Michigan is 80 per cent and Lake Ontario only 41 per cent ice covered.


The last time there was this much ice on the lakes was 20 years ago. The highest ever recorded ice coverage was in 1979 when 94 per cent of The Great Lakes froze.


Other years the lakes froze over were 1892-93 and 1933-34.


Don’t try walking to Michigan though; I don’t believe you’d reach the other side of the lake.




Back on one of those cold days in January, Josh took a photo of five-year-old Nik playing hockey at the church rink. The look on his face was one of pure joy.


Kids should be enjoying the great outdoors in all seasons. But today, most are inside playing with their electronic gadgets.


If you take a look at the athletes at the Winter Olympics, you see a group of healthy, happy people.


Too many people seem to have forgotten that true fitness includes a healthy body and healthy mind.




You’ll never know who or what you’ll run into when leaving a building.


Josh, with office dog, Daisy, left work about 7 p.m. Thursday and walked towards his truck. He just opened the door when a fat skunk ambled by and decided to raise his tail.


Josh, Daisy and the interior of the truck were seriously hit.


Maybe it was a sign of spring.




I imagine a provincial election will be in the works later this year.


But for whom do we vote?


The governing Liberals don’t really deserve to be re-elected.


The PC leader, Tim Hudak, is fairly far right and scares many people. And many are leery of the NDP.


If the PCs had stuck with John Tory as leader, they would likely be in power today. Instead Toronto is apt to have him as its next mayor.