Did council get a fair price for BMTS?

12% (15 votes)
88% (106 votes)
Total votes: 121


How would anyone in the general public know what the fair price is for BMTS? Most people would not understand the industry or what assets BMTS held. Regardless, judging from how council has run the municipality, it was most likely a sour deal for the taxpayer. I would speculate the sale was meant to fund the natural gas project.

Did council get a fair price for BMTS?

I find the poll asking if council received a fair price for BMTS bemusing simply because BMTS (Bruce Municipal Telephone System) does not exist and has not existed for many years. The company was re-organized and rebranded Bruce Telecom years ago to meet the growing demands of a highly competitive and regulated business environment. To think that the media sell refers to the company as BMTS demonstrates how out of touch the general public has become with this company. And this is not semantics, it is a clear indicator how disconnected we are from reality. We all had the opportunity to fully support the company with our business. Bruce Telecom is where it is now because of us. "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got until it's gone".

Other Company sales

People's Telephone/Less then a third of size of BMTS sold for 21.3 million

Amtelecom buys People's Communications for $21.3 million
Cable & Telecom
AYLMER, ON - Amtelecom Income Fund announced today that it is purchasing People's Communications for $21.3 million.
People's Communications owns People's Telephone, which provides local and long distance telephone service in Forest Ont., which is about 90 kms north of London, through approximately 5,200 residential and business access lines. People's also provides Internet and data services through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xcelco Internet Services, to approximately 4,650 subscribers.

Eastlink buys Amtelecom for 104 million small percentage larger then BMTS.