Anger issues


Weird things happen in Florida.

Here on the Treasure Coast in the past couple weeks, a man was shot in a movie theatre, before the show even started, because he was texting with his child. A retired cop asked him to quit and then went to complain to the theatre manager. When the retired cop returned, the texting man and his wife stood up and asked him if he talked to the manager. When the cop said, “yes”, the “texter” threw popcorn at him. Then retired cop pulled out his gun and shot the “texter” dead.

I guess the cop had anger issues.

Here is another one. A person who needs a scooter to get around was in a grocery store’s express checkout line. Another shopper said the fellow on the scooter had two too many items to be in the express line and started repeatedly ramming the man on the scooter with a shopping cart.

More anger issues. At least the angry shopper didn’t have a gun.

But too many people do. This seems a pretty civilized part of the state, but every day the local television news leads with one or two shootings.

Guns and people with short fuses are deadly.


The above sheds a bad light on this area but the reality is much different. The shootings have been in nearby cities.

Our place overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and we walk along it most days. The water, thanks to the Gulf Stream, always seems warmer than Lake Huron is, even in August. And there are always people around, swimming, walking, fishing or surfing.

Best of all, the sun seems to shine each day.


Our concept of cold differs greatly from that of Floridians.

A few cold fronts have gone through in the past week and municipalities announced cold weather shelters for the homeless. The temperature hasn’t gone lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit and even on the coldest days the day-time temperature was in the 60s.

For year-round residents 60 degrees is a nice change and anything above 60 is heaven if you are visiting from Canada or the northern States.

Unfortunately, we’ll soon be back in the real cold.


Politics down here differ little from Canada. Republicans can do no good as far as the Democrats are concerned and vice versa. And it doesn’t matter who is elected, more money is spent – and not always wisely - than comes in.

It’s a new cast of characters. I hear no complaints about Prime Minister Stephen Harper, just President Barack Obama.


If you’re interested in seeing a good movie, try “American Hustle”, if you can get out of town.