Set the hospital agenda

Another meeting?

At the time of writing, (Saturday), there is still no decision on physiotherapy at the Kincardine hospital.

The public has spoken. It does not want to see physiotherapy at the hospital privatized.
Municipal council, though, has called another meeting. If meetings were money, Kincardine would be awash in cash.

Council wants to meet with various levels of government, medical staff and hospital administrators to map out the future of the hospital.

Why not simply get to the point?

Council should meet with the provincial government and demand that the Kincardine hospital be allowed to separate from the four-hospital South Bruce Grey Health Centre and that a new board be formed to run the local hospital.

Area residents are tired of seeing the Kincardine hospital lose more and more services. Those same people have been very generous to the Kincardine hospital foundation and would no doubt be even more so if they knew the equipment the money buys would stay in Kincardine in public hands.

Kincardine is the only area in the Huron-Bruce riding that is experiencing growth. It is ridiculous that it should be the community losing hospital services.

If Hanover, Goderich and Exeter hospitals can go it alone, so can Kincardine, one of the fastest growing centres in the region.

When Kincardine council sets up this meeting, it should have an agenda - setting up a new board to operate the Kincardine hospital as a separate entity.