Time for a break with tradition


From what I could see, the Santa Claus parade in Kincardine Saturday evening was a good one.


Trouble is I couldn’t see much.


Kincardine should show a little leadership amongst Western Ontario municipalities and start holding the parade on an afternoon instead of the evening. It’s time the evening parade fad came to an end.


Spectators should be able to see the floats that businesses, churches and other organizations enter in the parade. The entries take time and effort to put together.


I saw a truck with the names of the local MPP and MP on the side. I have no idea if they were inside or on the back. Maybe they didn’t want to be seen.




The Kincardine Community Singers broke with tradition and held one of their shows this past weekend on Saturday afternoon rather than Saturday evening.


It was a sell out.




Canada has dropped in international math standings, which has the business types upset about the country’s economic future.


From the grumbling I’ve heard from parents the last few years, the drop in math skills is not surprising.


My daughter in Saskatchewan, with a degree in Math and English, is concerned about the education of her four-year-old when she starts school next year.


That’s because Saskatchewan teaches math like they do here. You let the kids discover what 2+2 is and 5+6 is, etc. instead of memorizing basic arithmetic skills - addition, subtraction and multiplication.


If a child can read and knows basic arithmetic, he/she can learn anything. Those two basics are much more important than computer skills.


You can’t drive if you don’t know the rules of the road. And you can’t solve math problems if you don’t know basic arithmetic.


But I’m old school, no pun intended.


I told my daughter to start lobbying the board of education.


If parents want changes in the way math is taught, they have to scream long and hard to the powers that be.




It doesn’t matter what the political stripe, politicians no longer seem to have a sense of shame.


Ontario health minister Deb Mathews didn’t read an audit she received almost a year ago that showed ORNGE founder Chris Mazza was raking in millions of dollars running the provincially-funded air ambulance service.


It’s her job to know what’s going on in her department.


She should resign.


Mazza received $9.3 million over six years, much more than ORNGE said.



Overheard at the coffee shop…


So they discovered Mike Duffy has a heart when they operated on him last week…


The prime minister is building super jails. They should build one in Ottawa – that’s where all the crooks are…




A reader holidaying in Hilton Head, S.C., writes that Kincardine has finally made the news down there, right along with Rob Ford.


The headline in the paper: Nuclear waste produces odd alliances.


The paper said that ordinarily a proposal to bury nuclear waste in a tourism area would inspire cries of “not in my backyard” and relief in places that were spared.


However, Kincardine supports the project to bury waste and objections are coming from afar, particularly Michigan.


So that’s the view from afar, in South Carolina.




While it’s not officially winter, it seems that the cold weather has already settled in.


There was a short break last Wednesday night when a thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain struck and removed the snow.


An elderly gentleman (older than me), was telling me that we’ll have an open winter for six weeks following a thunderstorm.


Hope he’s right.




A resident living near Victoria Park wonders why the municipality only decorated part of Victoria Park this year.


I don’t know but it still looks nice. It looks better than Queen Street where even the Christmas lights don’t brighten things up.