Lost in Space


The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is cutting back on small hospital funding, according the South Bruce Grey Health Centre CEO Paul Rosebush.


The SBGHC will not receive $300,000 in funding and we might have to wait longer for that long-talked about addition to the Kincardine hospital.


It’s a common complaint – publicly run institutions being short of cash.


It really isn’t surprising.


Everyone in government pays lip service to running efficient services. Government is anything but.


And over the past 20 years, taxes have become a dirty word. The Conservative types vilify anyone who suggests a tax hike. Now all political parties are even afraid to mention or hint at an increase in taxes.


And so the federal and provincial governments for the most part run on deficits and a big part of your tax goes to money lenders rather than public services. That I can’t figure out.


Think of the things that you use every day that are supported by your tax dollars.


There are roads, bridges, traffic lights, sewers, water, snowplowing, police, schools, the medical system, food inspection, arenas, community centres, libraries, and the list goes on.


If taxes never go up, services deteriorate and then people complain.


Federal and provincial politicians in this country, no matter their political party, should lay off the “taxes are bad” rhetoric, cut the waste, and try and work together for citizens to make the provinces and the country a better place to live.


We don’t elect them to fight amongst themselves and waste tax dollars, but that seems to be all they do.

Maybe they’ll be infected with the Christmas spirit this month.




Why does someone break into a church?


As far as I know, many churches are short of cash, what with the drop in church attendance over the years.


But churches are willing to help people in need. Ten of them give money to the Kincardine ministerial association which can provide a meal or a room for a night for someone down on their luck..


Rev. Ray Luinstra of Habour Community Church handles the program for the ministerial association.


He says the association often helps people following domestic issues. These people often don’t have family in the area they can rely on.


And so Ray gets phone calls, some times from the police, sometimes the churches, to help people.

Two churches have been broken into lately.


Instead of breaking into a church, someone who is desperate should ask for help.




The digital world is full of surprises.


Last spring Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was the talk of the world as he circled the earth.


One of the things that he did was post photos from space on Facebook.


Bev Harris told me that her son, Mark, had sent her some photos from space and she would send me a couple.


They never arrived and I figured she had forgotten to send the e-mail.


Not so.


I found them on my computer by accident Saturday. The boss changed my e-mail a year ago and mail arrives under a new account. By accident I hit the old e-mail account, and noticed a few e-mails had gone there instead of my current site.


So Bev’s e-mail arrived May 13. She forwarded a picture of Galapagos Islands and one of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. It’s an interesting shot and you can find it on page 7.


Still on the e-mail, my apologies to the fellow I kept phoning on July 22 looking for his e-mail. He ended up sending it three times and it had arrived July 22, the same day he sent them.