Are you in favour of more wind farms in the Kincardine area?

18% (36 votes)
82% (169 votes)
Total votes: 205

Are they really that bad?

Are they really that bad?

Yes, it is different, but what is so aesthetically displeasing about wind turbines? They are a beautiful, modern, sleek structure and they provide cheap, clean, renewable energy--everyone benefits from that.

I live in Vancouver now, but my father is from the area and I lived there for a while as a child and visited several times per year. I was home last summer and was ecstatic with the progress that was made on the expansion of the wind farms.

If I had the choice, I'd put one on the top of every building in Vancouver!

Out with the old, in with the green--thinking, that is.

Are we concerned about the land use and destruction of what is seen as a "natural" setting? Perhaps those who are concerned should have thought of that when forests were decimated to make way for farms and roads and a nuclear power plant.

It is not wise to assume that

It is not wise to assume that anyone who does not say NO to more windfarms is automatically saying they actually support having more windmills in the area. Some people are still sitting on the fence, so to speak but their lack of involvement at this point should not be taken as a YES vote!!!