Confused by letter


 I am writing in response to the “Embarrassing Behaviour” letter submitted by Brad Dietze in last week’s newspaper. I am the Head Coach of the Kincardine Midget Rep team and also the convenor of the Archie McMillan Memorial Midget Rep Tournament.


To say I am confused by your letter would be an understatement. Kincardine did not play East Lambton in this year’s tournament and we did not lose any games 2-1. We did lose to Petrolia 3-1 in the semi-finals Sunday morning, which Brad you should be aware of because you refereed the game.


Assuming this was the game in question; I reviewed the game sheet to find that you called a total of 12 penalties, 6 to each team and all minor infractions. These penalty totals are minimal for midget hockey and hardly something to be “embarrassed” or “ashamed” of.  Not to challenge you as a referee, but I do wonder if our “sportsmanship was exceptionally disgraceful”, why you didn’t call any unsportsmanlike penalties? Or does the OMHA now recommend referees not penalize teams on the ice with penalties, but instead write letters to the local newspaper in an attempt to embarrass a group of teenage hockey players and their volunteer coaches?


With the exception of your letter Brad, I have received nothing but positive feedback from the participating teams in the tournament. All were impressed by the level of competition and the cleanliness of the play. All games were within two goals and there was not one major penalty or game misconduct handed out all weekend, which is unheard of for a midget hockey tournament.


I am the first to admit that sometimes we as coaches and players let our emotions get the best of us, and we will continue to work to improve in this area. Over the past five years the coaching staff, players and parents are extremely proud of what this midget hockey program has accomplished, and we are even more proud of the way the players have acted in reaching those accomplishments. With a few minor exceptions, I feel that this group has been great representatives of Kincardine Minor Hockey and the Municipality of Kincardine.


Brad, if you think you can do a better job coaching the players on “behaviour and respect” – Kincardine Minor Hockey is always looking for volunteers to help out. Sign yourself up; I am sure your addition will be welcomed!


Steve Stepaniak