How ironic that Remembrance Day occurs this year just as many of our national figures have been exposed as cheats and frauds, people without a moral compass.


When I was growing up, we were told at school on Remembrance Day that our troops died and fought during the Second World War to keep our land free.


Look at many of our public officials today, and you might wonder if that 20-year-old kid killed in the prime of life would have second thoughts about dying for his country.


What is going on in Canada today is disgusting.


The mayor of Toronto has proved himself a liar. He hangs around with known criminals. A man with any semblance of honour would resign.


Six mayors in Montreal and area had to resign because of corruption.


We had a premier who basically threw away $1 billion in public money by cancelling two gas plants in an attempt to win a majority government.


And the businesses that premier dealt with regarding the gas plants took the people of Ontario for all they could get. Where are the ethics? 


We have four senators in Ottawa, likely many more, who have been milking the system for all its worth. One of the four has resigned, but his pension covers his salary. The other three won’t resign – they want to stay on the gravy train.


We have a prime minister who appointed the three and he allowed them enjoy the gravy train until the media started writing about their perks. The prime minister has an aversion to telling us the truth about the senate debacle.


I used to believe Canada was one of the Boy Scouts of the world; that spying was done only by the Russians and the Chinese.


But our government is pretty good at that too. It spied on Brazil and it spies on us.


There have always been grafters in government, but when caught with their hands in the cookie jar they used to do the right thing and resign. Not any more.


Many don’t seem to know right from wrong and they put their own interests ahead of those of their country, province or city.


Makes you wonder how much longer we’ll be free and if all those relatives served in the Second World War in vain.




There is a story about daughter Sarah in the latest edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Titled O Canada, The Wonders of Winter, it features 101 stories about bad weather, good times and great sports.

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