A road well travelled


REGINA – This city seems to be coming our home away from home. We even know our way around the burg.

Dana also figures our granddaughter should grow up knowing us which means a couple trips to Regina each year.

At the moment, Annie, four, believes we are the sun, moon and stars.

As she ages, those perceptions of us will no doubt change. We’ll become falling stars, old, spent and boring, possibly nerds.

In the mean time we’ll enjoy her childhood and touring around Regina.


Our son-in-law Chris, is the host of CTV Regina’s morning show. Last week, the crew decided to do a story on a scary haunted house that’s held annually about this time of year in a neighbouring town.

Chris and a couple of people on the show went out to do an advance story. The woman in charge fell on the bottom step going into the basement and broke her leg in two places. That meant a trip to the hospital and an operation.

The crew felt rather guilty that the woman broke her leg while showing them the haunted house.

As for the woman, she learned that free publicity can be expensive.


This city is booming compared to 10 years ago when the locals complained they had to leave town to get a decent job. Now people from around the world are moving here.


Regina is in love with the CFL and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. You see people wearing Rider shirts and hats everywhere.

And the Grey Cup is here this year – 29 days and counting said Saturday’s headline in the Leader-Post.

The downtown is being set up to host Grey Cup activities. The event will be a success, whatever the temperature and if the Riders are in it or not.


We spent a morning touring the University of Regina and dropped into the book store. With many textbooks starting at over $100, I can see why a university education can get pricey.


We, of course, had to watch a couple of University of Regina women’s hockey games. Sarah is the coach of the women’s team.

The women’s game is much like the men’s game was 50 years ago. Nobody runs across the ice to try and drive an opponent through the boards. The games were fast and entertaining.


By the way, we couldn’t escape Mike Duffy and all. They were continually on the radio and TV.

Sounds like everyone involved in the Senate scandal, from the prime minister on down, has a problem with the truth.

Prime minister Stephen Harper came to power vowing to clean up Ottawa. He’s done a hell of a job.


Regina’s fine, but we’re glad to be back home.