Municipality to get windfall for landfill from single construction project


By Barb McKay


Kincardine will make an exception to its landfill rules to allow a load of cover material that will net the municipality $480,000.


During its meeting last Wednesday, council approved a rate to accept cover material at the waste management centre from Ken Jackson Construction. The contractor approached Kincardine’s public works director Gagan Sandhu last month about accepting approximately 20,000 tonnes of gravel and soil from an excavation project at Bruce Power for its new fire hall training centre. Ken Jackson is working with an excavation company out of London on the project.


In a letter to the municipality, Jackson said he had an option to take the haul to Sarnia where he would pay $55 per tonne. The rate at the Kincardine site is $30 per tonne. Jackson said the amount of cover material would last the municipality four years and would save roughly 1,000 hours of trucking to bring cover material to the site. In light of this, he requested that the municipality take the material at a rate of $27.50 per tonne.


Sandhu explained last week that with on-site engineering, soil handling and possible rehabilitation of the access route to the waste management centre, it would cost approximately $3.50 per tonne, leaving the municipality with $24 per tonne. He pointed out that the waste management centre will require new cell construction every seven years at a cost of $700,000 for a total of six cells and there are additional annual costs associated with groundwater and surface water monitoring. There is a need to generate sufficient funds, he said in his report.


“It’s a no brainer, let’s get at it,” said councillor Randy Roppel.


Councillor Ken Craig said he fully supported the idea, but had concerns about making an exception for one

company. He asked what the process is for accepting cover material. Sandhu said material has to quality as cover material or it is considered and placed in a landfill cell. Bruce Power will be issuing a certificate to confirm the material from the excavation. Sandhu said staff has to make that decision on a case by case basis. As well, he noted, if the site has sufficient cover material, there isn’t storage for additional material.

Council agreed to accept the revised rate for the cover material from Ken Jackson Construction. The revenue will be placed in the landfill capital reserve fund.