We’re so lucky


As Thanksgiving weekend approaches, Canadians, chronic complainers that many of us are, should sit back and take a look at the world.


We have much for which to be thankful.


*In Canada last week the literati launched a campaign to change the national anthem. They want “in all ours sons command” replaced with something more gender-neutral.


In many countries of the world, the literati have more important things to worry about – their safety, food, water, a roof over head.


Be thankful you live in a country where the biggest concern last week was a word in the national anthem.


*I was talking to a senior last week, more than 80 years of age, who has had his life extended by a heart operation. He is just of one of many thousands of Canadians who enjoy a longer life because of our health system.


Be thankful we live in a country where everyone counts. There might be some problems with our health system, but on the whole it does a good job for all Canadians.


Remember, millions of people remain without health coverage in the richest nation on earth, the U.S.A.

*We live in a country where we can change government simply by voting. There are problems with our electoral system, but that’s our fault, not the system’s. Canadians need to get angrier and they need to get out and vote.


If we were smart, we’d start paying more attention.


*The government in the United States shut down last week because some politicians refuse to co-operate with one another to better run the country.


Thankfully, our politicians still talk to one another. Make sure they continue to do so.


*In Kincardine, some are arguing about sewers, some are arguing about the funding of the lakeshore pipeline and some are demanding parity in water bills.


We should be thankful we have clean water and sewers to argue about. In many places in the world, people go without clean water and walk in streets running with garbage and sewers.


*Last week, Dana and I wandered up the Bruce Peninsula for a couple of days. We live in paradise. Bruce County has four seasons, productive farms, clean lakes and breathtaking scenery.


Be thankful you don’t live in North Africa or the Middle East.


*We have the freedom to say and do what we want. If you don’t like the way something is run, you can work to change the law or change the government.


When you or your friends complain about politicians being crooked or inept or whatever, remember you won’t be carted off to jail for speaking your mind. You can work to change things.


Try that in Iraq, Somalia, Russia or Syria.


*Many people around the world go to bed hungry each night. Remember that when you sit down and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner.


And say a small prayer thanking the good Lord that you live in Canada.