How high?


What’s happening in Ottawa?


Not much I guess.


We have the justice minister, Peter MacKay, jumping on his high horse and saying Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau showed a “profound lack of judgement” by smoking marijuana three years ago. He was an MP at the time so we have a lawmaker breaking the law.


If MacKay were lily white, his comments wouldn’t look so ridiculous. When MacKay was defence minister, he had an armed forces helicopter take him on a fishing holiday. That sounds like a lack of judgement. He also told Parliament those fighter jets the government is supposedly buying would cost $15 billion – the actual cost will be in excess of $45 billion.


Actually, I doubt if there is a lily white MP in Ottawa, so maybe none should throw rocks and all should stick to doing their jobs. MPs should keep track of how our money is spent, make laws and try to make this a better country.


As for marijuana, I imagine most people under the age of 60 have tried it at one time or another. So dumping on Trudeau likely won’t win the Tories many votes.


The politicians should do as Canada’s police chiefs suggest – end the practice of criminally charging every person found with a small amount of marijuana and instead give officers the option of issuing tickets.


The police chiefs make sense – something we can’t say for many of our MPs.


One other thing Ottawa is doing - developing a $620,000 stealth snowmobile. Hopefully it’s operational before global warming melts all the snow up north.


At least it’s cheaper than those $45 billion stealth fighter jets.


Some MPs appeared as high as a stealth bomber or a mad hatter last week. The Mad Hatters inhaled Mercury vapours on the job; we can only guess what our MPs ingest.




Not much happening in Kincardine either – unless someone is counting the number of municipal signs.




The Mass Band Festival continues to attract thousands of people and, as usual, the Toronto All Star Big Band put on a great show.


It was a great day with perfect weather. Congratulations to Norm Annetts, long-time organizer of the event, the many volunteers and Kincardine Scottish.




Enjoy the last long weekend of the summer. Remember that the office is closed Monday, Labour Day and deadlines are earlier for next week’s paper.