What others say


It’s interesting to see what others think of our community.

Recently, a couple of weekly columnists have decided to comment on our town.

Chris Clark, a columnist with the Guelph Tribune, has spent a few summers vacationing here and remembers when he could stop at a downtown grocery store, butcher shop, fish shop and the liquor store.

All the major stores have moved to edge of town to the Highway 21 bypass. What was once a walk away is a drive away, he says. “I am but a renter, but I think of the longtime downtowners who enjoyed their amenities close to home.”

So true.

And Guelph, he says, has the same problem – retail chains locating on the outskirts.

The other editor who travelled through the area, and dropped into the office, was Gordon Brock of the Temiskaming Speaker in New Liskeard.

All the communities along the Lake Huron shore, he says, are worthy of being designated as top summer tourist destinations. When he returned home and looked at the beaches at Haileybury and New Liskeard, he concluded they were just as deserving of mention as Sauble, Southampton, Kincardine, and the other Lake Huron towns when it comes to top summer destinations.

So, if you want to try something new, head north.

While on vacation, Brock also noticed gas prices from Muskoka down to the Lake Huron shore to be considerably lower than those in Northern Ontario.

“No one in the North has yet to receive a satisfactory explanation,” he says, “for why this always the case.”

Sounds familiar.


Speaking of vacations, The Independent is now closed through Wednesday, Aug. 7 and there will be no paper that day. Normal hours resume Thursday, Aug. 8.

We’re not going anywhere far. Daughter Sarah, her husband Christopher Hodges and their daughter Annie are spending a couple of weeks here before returning to Regina.


Cheryl Tucker of Kincardine was part of the land crew for the five-woman relay team that swam the length of Lake Ontario last week. Her godduahgter was one of swimmers in the relay for the global rights movement, “Becauser I am a girl.”.

A Wingham woman plans to swim Lake Huron this weekend, from Harbor Beach, Michigan to Goderich. The 75-km swim ties in with the Lifesaving Society’s Drowning Prevention Week.

Harbor City is Kincardine’s sister city but it has been awhile since the councils of the two municipalities went back and forth.

And how come most of the good long distance swimmers seem to be women?


According to an article in Psychology Today, “having a B.A. is less about access to managerial and technology positions and more about beating out less educated workers for the barista or clerical job.”

For example, in 2012 the percentage of taxi drivers with a college degree was 15. In 1970, only one per cent of taxi drivers were college educated.

Those figures are from the States, but they won’t be much different in Canada.

So why do we give work visas to foreign workers to compete with our college graduates for cooking, taxi and other jobs?