Second annual 1,000-pound Meltdown Challenge to benefit BBBS Kincardine

Following the success of last year’s 1,000-pound Meltdown Challenge, Fit Body Boot Camp Kincardine has announced it will be hosting its second annual 1,000-pound Meltdown Challenge starting on June 3at the Davidson Centre.

Fit Body Boot Camp’s 1,000-pound Meltdown Challenge’s goal is to inspire and motivate local community residents to lose a total of 1,000 pounds in 28 days.  The fee to participate is discounted to $40 for the 28-day program, with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to a local charity.  This year, Fit Body Boot Camp Kincardine will be donating its proceeds to the Kincardine Big Brothers and Big Sister.

“Our on-going goal is to continue to inspire and motivate local communities to collectively lose weight,” Bedros Keuilian, founder and President of Fit Body Boot Camp, said in a media release.  “Obesity isn’t just a personal problem.  It is a national and a global problem.”

According to the Statistics Canada, obesity levels in Canada and throughout the world continue to increase.  It is estimated that more than half of Canadian adults, and approximately 20 per cent of children and adolescents are obese.  Globally, obesity levels are also on the rise. 

Inspired by rising obesity statistics, Fit Body Boot Camp Kincardine owner Nadine VandenHeuvel decided to launch her first 1,000 pound Meltdown Challenge in September of 2012, attracting a total of 55 members of the Kincardine community who wanted to get fit for a great cause. The 1,000 pound Meltdown Challenge participants ended up melting away 600 pounds and raised an astonishing $1,100 with all proceeds donated to the Kincardine Food Bank.

“I think that last year’s Kincardine 1,000 pound Meltdown Challenge was a huge success with all the money we raised,” VandenHeuvel said in a media release. “We even went out and bought the food for the Kincardine Food Bank so there would be healthy food options, rather than just writing them a check. We took 10 campers to the grocery store and filled 10 grocery carts full. It was super fun.”

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