On the road


Dana and I have been in Regina the past week, babysitting our four-year-old granddaughter while her parents were taking in Memorial Cup games in Saskatoon.

We have been doing things we were doing 40 years ago. Saturday we took Annie to her first soccer practice of the season. Coach Jim knew what he was doing.

We spent part of the day at the Saskatchewan Science Centre, a great place for the younger set. Kids are full of wonder and excitement and they are honest as the day is long in their early days – they wear their moods on their face.

It’s hard to believe so many innocent youngsters grow up to be nasty adults. Where does society go wrong?

Anyway, we did all kinds of interesting things, far more important I’m sure, than our usual activities.


Kincardine council must be rejoicing – it’s looking better by the day. Actually, all governments in Canada must be.

With all eyes on the Ford brothers in Toronto and the corruption drama in Ottawa, other governments appear tame in comparison, even Queen’s Park.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper would actually look better and more human if he just told the truth. He appointed his chief of staff and three of the four senators currently under investigation so he should admit he screwed up and quit pretending he was innocent in the whole affair.

Many Conservatives are blaming the Senate and say it should be abolished, even the premier of Saskatchewan. Actually, the problem is that too many prime ministers have appointed too many of their loser friends to cushy jobs in the Senate.


Don Cherry believes Hockey Canada is making a big mistake by banning body checking in hockey until kids are bantam age.

If the ban eliminates a lot of concussions among players age 12 and under, I’d say the ban is a good idea. Also, a lot of young hockey players might play two years longer when the ban comes into effect. Hockey is supposed to be a game for all – that’s why we build public arenas.

Actually, Hockey Canada, even the NHL, could go a long way to getting rid of concussions by simply telling referees to enforce the rules when it comes to boarding and charging.


If you like mosquitoes, visit Regina in the spring. And if you want a few laughs, there is the General Fools Festival in June. I imagine Senators Duffy and Wallin will attend – but I don’t know on whose dime.

Have a good week.