Campbell Avenue renamed as McGaw Drive


Residents on the south side of Campbell Avenue are once again in line for an address change, but this time they are taking their northern neighbours with them.

In December, emergency services coordinator Roberta Trelford told council that in order to stop confusion, Campbell Avenue’s south side should be renamed McGaw Drive. Campbell Ave is split by Russell Street and fewer residents live on the south side.

Affected residents protested the change saying it would cost money to change their addresses and remove decorative brickwork showing their former address at the front of their homes.

“I couldn’t see (the brickwork in question),” said mayor Larry Kraemer. “

Trelford returned Jan. 15 to revisit the issue with council. The building and planning department looked at the renaming and recommended the entire street be renamed to McGaw Drive. The municipality already has a Campbell Drive, so the renaming would eliminate any concerns.

Part of the committee’s recommendation includes informing the residents of the street’s north side of the change. There will be time to hear concerns and complaints before council proceeds with the official renaming.

“We need to let people on the other side of the street make their statements,” said councillor Gord Campbell.

Council also recommended the change not be enacted until three or four months after the bylaw is passed. This would allow the post office to process the large number of address changes. Russell Meadows Housing Development is located on the north side of Campbell Avenue and contains a large number of residents.

“This is not a unilateral decision and I’m not expecting we’ll hear a lot of ‘yes, this is a great idea,’” said councillor Ken Craig. “This is an inconvenience, but there is already a precedent for this and we’re seeking (the residents) input.”

Staff was instructed to inform affected residents of council’s intentions. The matter will be brought back to council after appropriate time has been given for notification.