"Good deal" on mould removal at Arts Centre


By Barb McKay


Kincardine will save a bundle on mould remediation at the Kincardine Centre for the Arts.


Building and planning director, Michele Barr, and recreation director Karen Kieffer made a presentation to Kincardine council at its meeting last Wednesday about the mould situation at the Arts Centre and announced that they had found a solution that would save the Municipality a significant amount of money.


Municipal staff had hired JFM Environmental, of London, to do an asbestos containing material survey at the Arts Centre, at a cost of $3,750. Asbestos was found in the vinyl flooring in the Arts Centre basement and an asbestos management plan will be developed to deal with it.


JFM Environmental re-submitted a proposal for mould removal that partners with municipal staff to do the work. Under the proposal, the company would supervise municipal staff and provide specialty equipment, while the Municipality would provide the labour.


Along with mould removal, proper ventilation would be installed, as well as air exchange and retrofitting.

JFM Environmental has submitted a quote of $18,500 for the work and municipal costs are expected to be $15,000. The price does not include reconstructing areas where mould is removed. The cost is well below what the Municipality had expected to pay; it had initially budgeted $100,000 for mould abatement.


Barr requested that the municipality place the project under its ‘best value’ policy, rather than looking for additional quotes, to get the work started as soon as possible. The Kincardine Theatre Guild, which uses the basement for costume changes, makeup application and storage, has been working out a trailer on the property for several months. Barr noted that the tenants could begin using the space again once it is declared mould-free.


“It’s all contingent on getting samples tested and getting them back negative,” she said.


Council approved staff’s recommendations and work is expected to begin May 27.