Out of reach


I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a winter more than this one.

Instead of going for an early morning walk for exercise, I can simply go downstairs, look for the newspaper in the snow and start cleaning up. After I shovel the sidewalk and clean out the doorways, I can clean off the car.

In what other part of the world can you clean off your car six or seven times a day? Or shovel your walk?

This winter I have my exercise done for the day long before I’ve had breakfast.

And if I get tired of cleaning off the car, I can walk. I had a bracing little hike up to arena and back for Friday evening’s Bulldogs game.

If I want a really good workout, I can spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon cleaning two or three feet of snow off the back deck. That does wonders for the cardiovascular system.

But that‘s only one of the benefits..

Since I’m bending over tying my boots six to 10 times a day, I’ve become almost double jointed.

What better way to go through your sweater collection than to have weeks of sub-zero temperatures?

Who appreciates the lack of sunshine more than a snow shoveller? Your toque won’t fade and the snow remains soft and fluffy, ideal for throwing around.

With the constant snow and wind, poor visibility makes driving anywhere crazy, so I’m also getting in a fair bit of reading.

It has been a good winter. It’s allowed me keep body and mind in top condition.

And if for some reason another storm were to make me snap, the nut house would be out of reach because the highways would be closed.