What’s next?


The dirty little secret is out. The federal government and big business are in league when it comes to replacing Canadian workers by sending jobs off shore and by using foreign workers here.

The news that the Royal Bank, with the use of the temporary foreign worker program, is shedding jobs should be no surprise.

The big newspaper chains already send advertisements to India for composition. And there are no doubt many other industries – call centres for example - sending jobs overseas.

Young people must wonder why they go to school.

The temporary foreign worker program allows companies operating in Canada to pay foreigners 15 per cent less than they would a Canadian.

There are already about 340,000 foreign workers in Canada under the program. If this really catches on the media will be bringing in Pakistanis or Bulgarians or whomever to work as reporters and editors to tell us about ourselves.

Maybe the CBC will bring in a Hottentot to replace Peter Mansbridge.

Sherpas could be brought in to work on the nation’s police forces.

School boards could bring in teachers from India. Besides working for 15 per cent less pay, they would likely be happy to coach sports teams. Of course, some of our traditional sports would likely be replaced with cricket.

Volunteer firemen, one supposes, are safe.

But if corporate Canada can bring workers in from off shore to replace Canadians, why not take it a step further? Why not train foreign animals to replace Canadian workers in all fields?

We already have trained seals in Ottawa so why not train monkeys to serve as reporters, police officers, linemen – even teachers?

Foreign workers are even replacing Canadians in fast food joints. With the job outlook so bleak is it any wonder that some young people are joining Al Qaeda?

The federal government – no matter the party in power - has long looked after big business; who looks out for the rest of us?


A 2011 annual report by the U.S.Congressional-Executive Commission on China says the growth of gambling in Macau and the growth of U.S.-owned casinos has been accompanied by widespread corruption, organized crime and money laundering.

So why are the provincial government and OLG pushing to have U.S. gambling concerns set up a casino in Toronto?

I can’t understand why governments figure they can base their economies on gambling.


The news this past week, besides power outages of course, has been about teenage girls committing suicide in Ohio, California, and Nova Scotia.

The girls in question have allegedly gone to parties, gotten very drunk, and then been raped by three or four teenage boys. Pictures of the rape go viral, the girls are bullied, and eventually kill themselves.

Politicians, including the prime minister, and columnists across the nation are calling for an end to bullying on the internet.

They are correct, however, I believe we should all look a little closer to home.

Why are young teenage girls getting so drunk that they can be taken advantage of by teenage boys? Why do boys believe they can get away with rape? It’s a crime that can result in prison time.

Obviously some of our young people aren’t getting the proper guidance when it comes to alcohol, drugs and sex.

What happened to civilized society?