Pandas good sports


Seven Cree walked 1,500 kilometres from Quebec to Ottawa to meet Monday of last week with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It was a cold, long walk.


The Prime Minister, however, left Ottawa the same day in a rush to greet two Chinese ambassadors to Canada upon their arrival in Toronto.


Obviously, China holds Canada in low regard because upon Harper’s arrival in Toronto he was forced to meet with two bamboo-chewing, bamboo-smoking Panda bears.


Once the obligatory bear hugs and nose rubs were undertaken, Harper and Er Shun and Da Mao got down to business.


It’s not clear how the Chinese envoys communicated – in Chinese, English, French, Bear or Sign language – but we’ve learned something of what was said.


The Pandas, both females, apparently asked to meet Toronto Mayor Ford. They believe the roly poly mayor is likely a lot of fun since he’s been known to drink to excess and grab the odd behind.


The two visitors said if Canada wants to be seen in a good light by China, it must provide them with a fresh supply of bamboo shoots around the clock and throw in a little wacky tobacco on holidays.


Harper, inscrutable as ever, bowed to his hosts and gave his okay.


The Pandas are expected to keep the Toronto Zoo hopping for the next five years.


Anyway, the Cree are apparently upset that Harper would rather meet with a couple of bears than them.


Sources say that Harper met with the Easter bunny on Sunday. Who’s next?




A week ago Sunday at the Walker House dinner held at the Governor’s Inn, six guests discovered that their leather coats were missing.


Apparently police located a man wearing all six coats walking in the downtown area.

It must have been cold that night.




I can usually tune out television advertisements but I can’t stand the one I saw last week. It asks: do you want to spend your last 10 years in sickness?


What a stupid question and what a depressing ad.


The Heart and Stroke Association, which sponsored the ad, should have a heart.




 The province bases its funding formulae, quite wisely, on cities. However, rural Ontario is different – we don’t have the density of population.


That’s why rural school boards have had to close schools in the past decade or so. Now it’s affecting health care. The CEO of the South Bruce Grey Health Centre says the province is treating it like one large centre instead of four small hospitals. The result is $215,000 reduction in funding to the SBGHC.


The province should come up with a new funding formulae for rural Ontario; it’s way overdue.




Saturday evening, Bobbie Brown was on the second floor of her Lurgan Beach home. About 9:15, she looked over the lake and saw a bright light heading from south to north. She called husband Doug to come upstairs and look. By then the object had passed and they saw another one.


According to Doug, the objects were a bright yellow-red, approximately 500 feet over the water and they moved very quickly. They stopped and hovered over the nuclear plant for about 1½ minutes. Then the one object moved to the west and disappeared; the other just disappeared.


Doug has flown small planes and has lived at Lurgan more 20 years. Neither he nor Bobbie has seen anything like what appeared Saturday night.


Did anyone else see the bright lights?


If you did, e-mail Use UFO for your title.


Have a good week.