Run the other way


Your imagination is often better than seeing the real thing.


Dana and I burst out laughing a few times on our walk home from the theatre Friday night. There were a few images and lines in the Kincardine Theatre Guild production of Office Hours that continued to tickle the funny bone, even on Saturday.


Norm Foster, the playwright, is one of Canada’s best wordsmiths. His plays are full of wit and, if you go to this production, pay attention.


Director Jim Peddie has an excellent cast – John Adams, Corrine Robertson-Brown, Sid Duggan, William Brown, Melinda Smegal, Matt Harvey, Fort Papalia, Alyssa Ruttan, Jaki Mayer-Duggan and Liz Small - and they brought Foster’s play to life.


Office Hours is professionally done and worth a look. There are three shows remaining.




On a less humorous note, if a politician says he wants to nominate you for an award, run the other way.

That way your reputation will remain intact.


I like to think politicians are people who want to make our municipalities, province and country a better place.


The Governor General was to oversee the distribution of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals. The medal is to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.


Well, our politicians got involved and they have shown, once again, how really shallow they are.


Every Member of Parliament was presented with a medal, deserved or not.


In the City of London, we don’t know who will receive the medal, but the mayor, Joe Fontana, nominated all 14 members of his council and his council approved the idea. He also nominated a former councillor who was fined $6,000 for attempting to bribe three members of city council in 1997.


A London councillor also nominated her teenager.


And that is apparently just a few of the undeserving who were nominated across the country.


What kind of person nominates himself and his friends?




Two of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s hand-picked choices for the Senate have proved to be duds. Senator Patrick Brazeau, a former national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, has been a loose cannon and last week he was charged with assault.


Senator Mike Duffy, a former journalist, has apparently been double dipping when it comes to expenses.

Maybe the PM wants to make the Senate look bad – and the press and natives.


Duffy seems to have forgotten that reporters are supposed to dig up dirt, not get mired in it. Ban him from the nation’s press clubs.


Maybe they should have run the other way when the PM arrived handing out goodies.




Shirley Wright listed some of her pet peeves in a letter to the editor last week. I imagine many readers agreed with many of them.


I’m not starting a pet peeve corner as suggested, but anyone who has one is welcome to write a letter to the editor. Just sign your name.


Why do people believe there is a need for a pet peeve corner?  Amalgamation likely has something to do with it. The municipal hall is like a fortress in the middle of nowhere and if you go there, who do you complain to?


Your best bet is write a letter to the editor and let members of council know how you feel.