Love is blind


All good things must end.

As my holiday wraps up, I can’t believe the run of good weather we’ve enjoyed. The sun in south Florida has appeared every day this month and the temperatures have been in the 70s and 80s F. And there is no humidity.

What would Canadians do if we had similar weather? They’d likely grumble, “We’ll pay for it. Don’t you worry.”

I hope Highway 9 is open this week so I can make it home.


They are still arguing about gun control in the United States. The majority seem to think there is no need for assault weapons (automatics and semi-automatics). However, the machine gun lovers, the NRA types, want no controls.

So where does it end? Will some people demand their own tanks or jet fighters to defend themselves?


Television in the States is wrapped up in the cult of personality.

There is a football player from Notre Dame who has been in the news for the past month. He supposedly fell in love with a make-believe girlfriend on the Internet and cell phone. He thought she died the same day as his grandmother and said so in a national television interview before a football game.

You would think the player would go into hiding for being duped, but he’s still giving interviews and the television networks are still investigating the hoax.

Anyone who has a long love affair with someone he has never met or touched strikes me as a little unbalanced. However, it is supposed to be a common occurrence today.

Maybe that’s where the line, “Love is blind,” originated.

St. Valentine would be horrified to see people falling in love with their phones and computers.

 Don’t forget your real, live sweetheart on Feb. 14.

And that’s it until next week.