Annus horribilis


The year 2012 for Dana and me was, as the Queen might say, an “annus horribilis”.


The Queen resorted to the Latin term in 1992, the year Windsor Castle burned and the marriages of sons Andrew and Charles dissolved.


We don’t have a castle, but it was still a bad year as Dana and I had unexpected health issues.


Sickness tends to age you, but it also teaches you to roll with the punches. Adjust to the changes in your health and life, and forge ahead with what you have.


I suppose your best bet is to look at life as if the glass is half full, not half empty. And, really, the glass is half full.


Everyone has problems and if you look around, you’ll find most people have more on their plates than you do. Go to the cancer clinic, the sick kids’ hospital, any hospital, a nursing home and most of you will consider yourselves fortunate.


You don’t know when your life will unexpectedly take a turn for the worse, and maybe that is a good thing.




I feel guilty saying 2012 was an annus horribilis for us when I look at the world. You’d almost believe that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were let loose in the Middle East in 2012. So many people pretending to be religious as they preach hatred and indulge in a bit of killing.


Surely 2013 will see an improvement.




Perception is a funny thing.


The world has almost eradicated polio. Vaccinations are to be completed in only a couple of countries and then polio is gone. One of my aunts was a cripple because of polio and a childhood friend had a messed up leg because of the disease, so I figure it’s a good idea to eradicate it.


Two weeks ago, the Taliban killed eight health workers in Pakistan who were doing vaccinations. To me, that makes no sense.


But what do the people of Pakistan think of the U.S.A. when they see a deranged man gun down 20 children in Connecticut?


I look at the U.S.A. and see a sick country. A National Rifle Association official says to stop the killing of school children, armed guards need to be stationed in every school. Illogical? Yes. But many people in the U.S. believe that’s the solution.


We have a police officer at KDSS. Would that stop a madman with an assault weapon?


Finally, Premier Dalton McGuinty seems to be coming up with strange ideas. He wants all schools locked down once the kids arrive. Why turn our schools into fortresses because of something that happened in a foreign country?


Maybe it’s a ploy to lock the teachers in with the students.




Kincardine is a funny place.


Team Kincardine (BIA, Chamber of Commerce, PREDC) is trying to convince council it needs to rent space downtown for it at the former Foodland property at the north end of downtown. All three, in some way, are connected to the public purse.


The municipality likely needs a presence downtown, but you would think that would be a something for council to investigate. For example, it has to make decisions on two public buildings downtown that are in need of repair.


Instead council is presented with a solution to a problem, real or imagined.




Happy New Year to one and all.