Stagecoach to the Grey Cup leaves Nov. 18


By Barb McKay


Don’t be surprised if you spot a stagecoach driving around Kincardine this week; it will soon be making its way to Toronto for the 100th Grey Cup.


This will be the third time in 50 years that Kincardine ‘cowboys’ have hitched up a stagecoach to make the week-long journey to the CFL champion game. This week some of the team, led by Brad Kirkconnell, will tour around Kincardine to promote the event.


The full team, made up of Terry Hyde, David Robertson, Ken MacDonald, and Jim Webster and Bob Emmerton, who are flying in from Alberta, will head out on Nov. 18. Emmerton’s brother Lee was a part of the stagecoach team that travelled to the Grey Cup in Toronto in 1970. The first trip was made in 1961.


Ken Bradley, of Kincardine, is providing the horses for the stagecoach and the coach itself in on loan from Don Scott of Teeswater.


The stagecoach will head out of town on Highway 9 and make overnight stops in Walkerton, Harriston, Arthur and Orangeville, before it is trucked into Toronto.


“We’re getting great receptions from the towns we’re visiting,” Kirkconnell said.


Receptions and events are planned and in Orangeville the mayor and high school football team will be on hand to greet the stagecoach team.


“There’s still an old trough out from bygone days that we’ll pull up to,” Kirkconnell said.


The stagecoach will make a small detour to the Silver Spur Ranch near Neustadt, but there is some apprehension, Kirkconnell said.


“We didn’t want to stop because we hear there are a lot of bandits there.”


The stagecoach will pull out of Kincardine at 7:30 a.m. from the Bruce Steakhouse. The restaurant will open at 7 a.m. for breakfast to allow the public to see the stagecoach off.