It’s rerun season


Two items of council business got my attention last week.


It is no surprise to learn that it will be expensive to finish rehabilitating Kincardine’s 140-year-old theatre. If done properly, the final restoration should include removing the old fire hall and rebuilding the south end of the building to accommodate proper seating and a decent facility for the performing arts. And it will have to be rebuilt with regard for the heritage features of the existing structure, so a comprehensive plan should have been done before spending a million bucks on the exterior. Ultimately, a lot of that work will be lost if a proper job is done for the theatre.


The fate of this facility continues to dog council. A lack of leadership in 2001 is the cause. Meanwhile, the performing arts community struggles along with a third-rate facility. The solution at this point is to engage the arts community, come up with a plan to finish and finance this project - and finally do it!


Now there is a shortage of parking in downtown Kincardine. When a previous council created the Queen’s Lookout parkette and built the grand entrance to Victoria Park, it eliminated about 40 parking spots from the downtown. The Queen’s Lookout property was actually purchased by another previous council to create more downtown parking. So naturally, a committee is now forming to look into the shortage of downtown parking.


It must be rerun season.


Gord Thompson