Whether you’re in favor of wind turbines or not is a personal choice.

Last year my wife and I chose specifically not to live near these turbines, and looked to find a home to raise our family where wind turbines weren’t an issue. We found our new home just outside the hamlet of Glammis, and thanks to the Municipality of Kincardine’s planning and development policy PD. 1.9 that states “that no wind turbine shall be build within 2.75 km of any town or hamlet”, we thought we were safe from these monstrosities.

This past month we learned that we were betrayed by our municipality’s planning committee and that they had made a decision - without input or consultation from the area residents affected - to blandly disregard this policy. More turbines are going up within the 2.75 km radius of Glammis, affecting hundreds of residents. Sadly for our family, one of these turbines has been set to go up nearby our new home.

How a council of elected officials can make such a decision without involving those affected, boggles the mind.

Matthew Sheridan