Double entendre


If you enjoy double entendre, you’ll get a kick out of Skin Flick which is running at the Bluewater Summer Playhouse until Aug. 18.


In the play, a suddenly out of work couple and their cameraman friend, also looking for work, decide to make a skin flick to make some money.


Most of the lines seem innocent enough – but they also can be interpreted in more than one way.


The playwright, Norm Foster, is one of Canada’s best and certainly most prolific. It’s a bonus when he acts in one of his own plays and this time he is the foul-mouthed camera man.


If you want two hours of laughs, take it in.




Well, Canada certainly didn’t own the podium at the Olympics.


Many of our “favourites” to win medals met with untimely accidents or just failed to deliver.


Should we be upset?




There are more than 7 billion people in the world. Males and females will likely be fairly equal in number. That means that a female or male athlete who finishes in the top 10 is better than approximately 3.5 billion people.


The odds of finishing in the top 10 in an Olympic event are much lower than winning the lottery.

Anybody who makes an Olympic team is a superb athlete.


So hats off to our Canadian team. We had many top 10 finishers.




Many members of Canada’s Olympic team are well rounded individuals. For example, many of our athletes have been enrolled in the Royal Conservatory of Music.


That’s something local athletes should consider, especially hockey players. They dedicate all their time to the sport, yet few are good enough to play professionally. Better to pursue other interests as well and become a well-rounded person. Nothing like a fit mind in a fit body.




That hole in the ozone layer over Australia is proving tough on fish. Fifteen per cent of the coral trout in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have cancerous lesions on their scales, scientists have found.


The ozone layer over us isn’t much better.  The UV rating seems to be in 8 to 10 range daily.




A number of weather records were set in July, as you likely figured out for yourself.


Record lowest rainfall in the province was in Ottawa. It was 14.6 mm, 74.3 mm below the norm. The previous record low was 19.2 mm set in 1875.


Rainfall in much of the province was way below normal, but Windsor, Pickle Lake and Red Lake had rainfall way above the norm.


In Southern Ontario, it was hot. The mean temperature of a few centres, with the normal temperature in brackets: London 23.2 (20.5); Toronto Airport 24.3 (20.8); Windsor 25 (22.7); and so on.


In most cases, it was the warmest summer since 2011. I guess it is getting warmer.




I was shocked to see that Kincardine is actually going to try and control phragmites. Homeowners started asking the municipality four or five years ago to act.


Better late then never I guess but the invasive reed that grows along the lake shore and in ditches is hard to control.




Jean’s Restaurant, which closed a couple week ago after the sudden death of long-time Kincardine restauranteur Jean Needham, has re-opened. Kincardine businessman, Harold Maurer, a long time patron of Jean’s, decided to buy the business and keep staff working.