Here and there


Soldiers use them.


Terrorists use them.


Even madmen in the United States use them.


Yes, any madman can buy automatic assault weapons in the U.S.

And then politicians can wring their hands whenever there is a mass shooting, lamenting the use of guns.


Why don’t they do something – like ban the sale of automatic assault weapons.




You promote what you permit. You’ve likely read that before in this column.


It pretty well describes the gun problem in Toronto.


The idea that you can now fire automatic pistols off in a crowd of innocent bystanders seems to be accepted behaviour in Toronto. Why? When does it become acceptable in the rest of the country?


The mayor of Toronto and the police chief and premier are all playing Chicken Little.


No one is saying what the real problem is – the availability of handguns. Why are they so easy to get?


Seventy per cent of hand gun are smuggled in from the United States. Can the federal government not control the border?


The other 30 per cent of guns are stolen from hobbyists. Strange hobby since handguns only have one purpose - to kill people.


I loathe the idea of our country becoming like the U.S where anyone you meet can be packing a gun.

Let’s just ban handguns.




I seem to be ensconced in the medical system now.


I had my brain photographed last week and was quite pleased that it’s in place.


In a couple of weeks another doctor will study the photos. Who knows, it might be declared a brain of interest – or maybe not.


I’m breathless with anticipation




According to a plant biologist, plants can see, smell and feel.


Fortunately, he said nothing about a plant’s emotions.


Otherwise, I’d be continually feeling guilty.


Cutting the grass, pulling weeds, trimming trees are no doubt painful experiences for plants. However, they can’t hate or get revenge. Or can they? The odd plant is poisonous.


Keep on the good side of the plants. Water a tree.