Knights hail Hayley

Stewart named Knight of the Year

By Josh Howald

She was a team player who played individual sports.

Hayley Stewart, 2012 KDSS Knight of the Year. (Josh Howald photo)

Hayley Stewart was named 2011-12 Knight of the Year last Tuesday at the Kincardine District Secondary School Athletic banquet.

“I honestly didn’t expect to win anything,” laughed Stewart, who accepted the award from last year’s winner David Yun in the school gymnasium.

“I guess I’ll have to plan a speech for next year.”

In the past four years, Stewart was a member of the KDSS track and field team, cross-country team, Aquatic Knights swim team, girls ice hockey team, badminton team and rugby – both 7s and 10s. However, a head injury prevented her from playing all of those sports – particularly hockey and rugby. So this year, she excelled at cross-country, swimming, track and field and, for the first time, badminton.

She earned CWOSSA berths in cross-country, swimming and track and field. A thrower, she won a CWOSSA berth with a bronze medal at the Bluewater Athletic Association track and field meet in the javelin.

“Mrs Houghton coached me in all three sports (swimming, track and field, cross-country),” she said. “So I owe her big thanks.”

Like Yun, Stewart was no slouch in the classroom. Thursday morning, she received her Masters Academic Award, to go along with Knight of the Year and the Masters Athletic Award.

“I think sports keep you focused and help you stay on top of your work,” said the 18-year-old. “You miss a couple of days and you just have to get right back on top of things or you’re going to be in trouble.”

She will be in the nursing program at UOIT in Oshawa in September. She’ll continue athletics by playing intramural sports at University, but until then she will run some triathlons this summer while working as a supervisor for the Kincardine Summer Playground program. If she was to stress one thing to those entering high school, it would be to get involved.

“You need to get and try things, regardless if you think you’re any good at it or not,” she said, specifically referring to the dwindling numbers of the track and field program, as well as her own involvement with the badminton team this year.

“People just need to get out and try it,” she said – ‘even if they suck, who cares really?”

Many other athletes were also honoured at last week’s banquet, and none of them suck. The Sportsperson of the Year Award was shared by Morgan Padfield and Gerrit Satosek. Padfield was one of three players honoured on the girls hockey team. She was also a standout goaltender for the CWOSSA silver medal winning soccer team and played basketball and badminton. Satosek, meanwhile, starred for the OFSAA championship winning boys hockey team and was the MVP for both the soccer and basketball teams.

Senior athlete of the year awards went to Margot Treidlinger and Jacob Siekierski. This is the third consecutive year Siekierski has won the award. He led the volleyball team to CWOSSA, was key in the hockey team’s OFSAA title run, won  a BAA title in badminton was a standout tennis, soccer and basketball player. Treidlinger shared MVP honours for tennis, basketball and badminton, and was a member of the track team as well.

Jacob Siekierski, athlete of the year ofr a thrid straight year, has some fun dunking basketballs in the KDSS gymnasium last week. (Josh Howald photo)


Junior athletes of the year were Derrick Bernath – who injured his hip on the BAA winning long jump - and multiple-sport athlete Jorie Elliott.

Andrea Plagos took home a basketball award, as did Robert Colhoun.  Jamie Shewfelt, Kayla Fair and Justine Buchler got volleyball awards, while Valeria and Delane Hassock got gymnastics team awards. Easton Battler was named MVP of the on-ice OFSAA champs, while Hannah Davidson and Sara Gossell won girls hockey awards. Ashley Boyd and Delane Dundas got junior badminton awards, while Jacob Hunsburger, Connor Coultroup and Aiden Calcutt won soccer awards.