Tiverton Sports Centre contract extended three years


By Barb McKay


Tiverton’s arena manager will stay on for another three years.


Last Wednesday, Kincardine council agreed to extend the contract for Ev’Rose for another three years to operate and maintain the Tiverton Sports Centre. Terms of the contract will negotiated with Debbie Simmons, of Ev’Rose.


Council turned down a recommendation from the recreation department and recreation policy chair Ken Craig to put the contract out for tender, in keeping with municipal policy.


“You don’t do any justice to this situation to put it out if you have a proven product in front of you,” said councillor Randy Roppel. “Council has extended contracts before, so we’re not doing anything

underhanded or unique.”


Not everyone was in agreement. Councillor Maureen Couture said it would make sense to extend the contract if there had been only one applicant for the position a year ago, but there were two. She said a request for proposals should be put out to be fair to other interested contractors.


CAO Murray Clarke reminded council that the municipal policy dictates that a request for proposals be issued.


Councillor Jacqueline Faubert said that when the contract was originally awarded to Simmons last year, she was given a one-year contract to demonstrate her ability to manage the sports centre.


“Here we are, we’ve given her the year and now we’re asking her to compete,” she said.


Council agreed that Simmons had proven she could manage the facility and extended the contract.