A crushing week


All that snow last week and I couldn’t even go out and play in it.

I was under the weather – and I’m not talking snow. If I’d been in Saudi Arabia and they decided to take my head off, I likely wouldn’t have objected.

If you have been reading the news, there is a young Canadian man in Saudi Arabia awaiting his beheading. His situation puzzles me.

Why do people who emigrate to Canada turn around and go visit the folks back home or send their kids back for schooling – especially if they happen to be from one of those nasty little dictatorships that dot the Middle East? Surely they know what happens in the wrong place at the wrong time in Saudi Arabia, Syria and other like-minded places.

I guess airplanes make travel too easy today.

Saw an interesting bumper sticker last week. It read something like this: Out of work yet? Keep buying foreign.

Actually, you don’t seem to have much of a choice today. Try buying Canadian. It’s an almost impossible task – few things seem to be made in this country.

Wander around the men’s section in the stores you frequent. You will find that shirts, pants, winter coats, sweaters, almost everything is made in either China or India. Stanfield’s, I have noticed , still makes some of its underwear in Canada.

Last week, I received one of those e-mail press releases from Sorel, a Canadian boot company – or so I thought. I returned the e-mail, asking if any of the company’s boots are actually made in Canada. The reply – all their boots are "outsourced."

One thing we do make in this province is automobiles. However, the big three North American automakers are in deep financial trouble and want government bailouts in Canada and the U.S.A.

One question: Do all the employees of these companies drive a product that they manufacture? That should be part of the terms of employment.

If employees don’t support the company they work for, why should Canadian and U.S. taxpayers?

Our prime minister, who said during the recent election campaign that there would be no deficit under his leadership, is preaching the need for deficits to the world.

Reminds me of former Progressive Conservative leader Robert Stanfield who promised wage and price controls during the 1974 federal election to bring inflation under control. No way, mocked Liberal leader Pierre Trudeau.

Stanfield, he of the underwear family and often referred to as the best prime minister Canada never had, lost the election. Trudeau brought in wage and price controls in 1975.

Tell the truth and you’ll likely lose; lie and you win.

After waking up to 18 inches of snow Saturday, I believe I made a mistake when I left my snowblower behind when we sold the house.

I have a man plow the drive once a day. Unfortunately, more snow lands on the roof than the driveway. And as the snow slides off the roof, I have a lot of shovelling to do to get the car out or in. P.S. Don’t stand or park in my drive – it could be a crushing experience.

That’s the kind of week it has been – crushing.