Hobnobbing with Leafs fans


I’d like to say I was at the Air Canada Centre Saturday evening doing research – trying to come up with a way for the Davidson Centre to generate more cash so it can hire more workers.


However, that wasn’t the case; a friend gave Dana and I tickets to a Leafs’ game. Obviously, I’m far behind most of you because it was my first visit to the ACC.


It was quite an experience.


First, the hockey didn’t match the hype. To be truthful, the KDSS boys hockey team plays a much more entertaining style, makes better plays and does a lot more hitting than the Leafs and Flyers did Saturday evening.


It was a boring game.


An NHL game is actually a bit of joke.


About every five minutes, 10 “time fillers” come rushing on to the ice and pretend to be useful by scraping the ice while the television station broadcasting the game runs its advertising.


Maple Leafs Gardens, the former home of the Leafs, used to be called the Carlton Street Cash Box. I wonder what they call the ACC?


We were sitting in $200 seats and there were more expensive seats in the building. Beer was $15.25 per pint, delivered to your seat.


The jumbotron (or scoreboard hanging above centre ice) was forever plugging products. Ads were plastered everywhere in the building.


The noise was at times unbearable as every once in a while the jumbotron would say “scream louder” and Leaf fans, much like Pavlov’s dogs, would oblige.


Leaf fans, many with beer-induced hysteria, were an enthusiastic bunch in our part of the arena. The lone Philadelphia supporter, was a bit of a wit. After the fans would chant, “Go Leafs Go!”, the Philly fan would yell, “Save your breath!”.


If the Davidson Centre needs more income, it just has to get an NHL team with a fan base with more money than brains.


Anyway, a visit to the ACC was an interesting experience, one that should last for a long time, or until the Leafs start winning.