Curse of wind turbines


Unions were created in an effort to stop the tyranny and abuse inflicted on workers and people by employers. The CAW union was created with this same spirit to help people.

CAW members are now finding out that their own management appears to have been infiltrated at a high level by persons with shameful attitudes, and implementing a policy “that harming people is okay once again.”

Statements by CAW management and others boasting of all the good and fine things the CAW has done for Port Elgin gives one the idea that they are justifying this shameful act.

Individual CAW union members must be finding it hard to fathom why their own management would inflict this on the people of Port Elgin. CAW members will have to act quickly with tough questions directed to the people they have in charge of their union. The management of the CAW has now placed its own members in direct conflict with all of the general public and for what? A stupid wind turbine and some quick cash? Is this what a union and its members now represent?

Charley Urbanek, Port Elgin