Curbing abuse in workplace, community


A new Women’s House campaign is stressing education and abuse prevention across Grey and Bruce Counties.

Colleen Purdon of Women’s House made a presentation to Kincardine council Nov. 5 outlining the organization’s Neighbours, Friends and Families program.

Using models developed by the Ontario Government, Women’s House outlines the warning signs of abuse and the important role played by those closest to the victims and abusers.

“Working together we can make a difference,” Purdon said. “You don’t have to deal with this by yourself. There is help available in this community.”

The campaigns works through spreading information, Women’s House created a set of three brochures for public education. The brochures look at what can be done to curb abuse in communities and takes a closer look at abuse in the work place.

“The more people know how to help, the more likely it is we can (reduce abuse),” said Purdon.

Purdon wants to ensure management and staff is trained in all area workplaces. She asked Kincardine to support the program by arranging for municipal employees to sit through an information session with a Women’s House supporter.

Women’s House also stressed networking as a way to get information across. Purdon said people can help the cause by becoming educated, and then passing that information on to other people, until it makes its way through a community.

“This is much more challenging in a rural area,” Purdon said.”But, we’re hoping it helps neighbours, friends and families recognize abuse, understand the warning signs and know what action to take.”

Kincardine mayor Larry Kraemer said the three brochures will be available at the municipal administration centre. He also encouraged CAO John deRosenroll to organize an abuse information training session for staff and department managers.

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