It has been a busy four months for “Save the Walkerton Jail Steering Committee”.  The first goal of our committee was to educate the public of the negative impact the Jail closure would have on our communities, so citizens could cast an informed vote on Oct. 6.  The second goal of our committee was to make the Jail closure an election issue.  With the support of the citizens of Huron-Bruce, we were able to meet our goals.  The committee would like to thank the businesses and citizens for all their support.


Unfortunately, Dalton McGuinty did not tour through Huron-Bruce while on the campaign trail.  Therefore, we were unable to present the postcards which were asking for a review of the Jail closure.   However, he did receive the 611 post cards by Canada Post.


Our committee would like to congratulate Lisa Thompson as our new MPP for Huron-Bruce.  We look forward to assisting MPP Thompson with a comprehensive, public review of the decision to close the Walkerton Jail.


Barb Ernest

Save the Walkerton Jail Steering Committee