All safe after wild afternoon

Trouble in Lake Huron, as well as on land

By Josh Howald

Remarkably, everyone is safe after an incredible afternoon in Kincardine.

The OPP Marine Unit and the Mysis hit the water despite tornado warnings in order to rescue a Walkerton man. His catamaran had capsized, and was lost to Lake Huron, but the Mysis returned him to Kincardine harbour while the Marine Unit assisted a kayaker, who went to rescue the man, to shore. (Josh Howald photo)

It began when two tall ships full of trainees left Tobermory yesterday morning. Damaged sails and other problems with the boat left the ships in extreme danger as they battled towards a safe port. All hands had been on deck for 15 consecutive hours leading up to arrival in Kincardine. They were forced to slowly move the ships in on the inside wall of the north pier in order to dock. They had feared for their lives, several crew members told The Independent.

Meanwhile, a catamaran capsized just south of town. A kayaker attempted to rescue the man, and both ended up in trouble. The Mysis rescue boat left the harbour despite tornado warnings to serach for them, followed by the OPP Marine Resuce Unit. After nearly an hour, they located the kayak, with a lone man from the Catamaran. The OPP ensured the kayaker made it to shore safely, while the Mysis picked up the boater and returned him safely to Kincardine harbour, where he was greeted with hugs from his wife. The catamaran is now lost on Lake Huron.

Two tall ships battled hard for more than an hour to enter Kincardine harbour. (Josh Howald photo)

While this was going on, the Municipality of Kincardine Fire Department was called to a crash - on land - on the B-Line just north of town. An accident reportedly downed two telephone poles and sparked a small fire. THat mess has now been cleaned up and the road reopened.

The Independent was on the scene yesterday from start ot finish at Kincardine Harbour, and has exclusive interviews with crew of the Mysis, as well as the two tall ships.