There seems to be a basic issue that is getting very confused. People seem to be accepting the illusions from questionable advertising by governments and big industrial businesses of what a product appears to be and not the reality of what it really is and does.


Take industrial wind turbines. Advertisements promote illusions of how benign they are, totally an asset to our well being and how friendly government and the wind industry is.


In  reality, they cause many harmful health issues to humans. The wind industry buys up homes troubled by industrial wind  turbines and a gag is placed on the former owners. If you question or express opposition, then intimidation tactics, like name calling, are used.


More money can now be made by having to build lots of new polluting backup fossil fuel burning electrical  generation plants because of wind being so unreliable. Industrial wind turbines are too costly and too dangerous to have them in and around cities plus there’s huge money savings to have them in the rural countryside.


Farmers just happen to have the cheap land to put them on. Also many of new jobs being claimed move around and restart from province to province, state to state and country to country.


If only the illusions of industrial wind turbines were true then their reality would have no illusions.


Charley Urbanek

Port Elgin