RIfe with hypocrisy


What is currently happening at the high schools in the Bluewater District

School Board is a clear example of the provincial government’s left hand not knowing what its right hand is doing, literally.

The fact that the provincial government’s current funding level is not

sufficient to fund what has been touted as an important goal for all of the province’s citizens, namely athletics, is rife with hypocrisy. On the left hand, the province is encouraging fitness, with an actual “Action Plan for Healthy Eating and Active Living”, in an effort to bring down health care costs in the long run.

On the right hand, it has made sure that team sports are possible only through user fees and fund raising. There couldn't be anything more lopsided – if you want the people of Ontario to be fit and healthy, making sure that athletics is part of the school curriculum is

essential. If the youth are involved in active lifestyles, they are more

likely to grow up into adults who continue to be active and are less of a

drain on healthcare.

However, I might be barking up the wrong tree. Maybe there is enough funding from the province to include athletics but it is just not available here because the board has spent the majority of its funds on a new, state of the art office facility at the expense of the students. Perhaps students under the auspices of other school boards are still happily enjoying their extracurricular sports activities without having to worry about making up for funding shortfalls through their parents’ pocketbooks.

Either way, this is an intolerable situation that should be brought to the attention of the powers that be.

Thank goodness for the teachers/coaches here in Kincardine who have stepped up to the plate and donated even more of their precious time to organize fund raising so that students can remain as fit as their government wants them to be. I only hope the other schools in the Bluewater board are as lucky.


Kelly Young, Kincardine