Plant trees, not weeds


Since I have pruned trees at Connaught Park from when they were planted, I was saddened to see two of the oldest and biggest hard maple trees have been replaced by the new building which houses the much-needed public washrooms.


However, my next disappointment was to see two newly planted trees of the silver maple variety. Could someone please tell me who in the name of hell would make a decision to plant glorified weeds in a lovely ball park? Is the extra cost of a couple of hard maple trees the problem? If so, I would like to donate the same. All I would ask is for someone to make sure they get watered.


P.S. No doubt, since Highway 21 construction has re-routed extra traffic to the B-line, the residences in the Queen Street North area will be experiencing an example of the future traffic associated with the proposed Hartwick subdivision.


Glenn Hedley