How about a smile?


How about a smile?

Are you tired of all the doom and the gloom in the world?

Lori Smith of Jerome Flowers and Gifts is.

She phoned last week to say she will provide a large, beautiful bouquet on a regular basis to someone in the community who makes others feel better.

So, let’s see if we can find such a person for the month of October.

It could be your neighbour, a store clerk, someone you meet on the street. If you meet someone who makes you smile or feel better, tell us why in a maximum of two sentences. Drop off you letter at The Independent office or send us an e-mail with the title "flowers". The deadline is Oct. 31.

You have no doubt all heard of people who commit random acts of kindness. Perhaps we should all make that a habit.

Your random act of kindness won’t have any effect on those Wall Street bankers who have brought misery to so many people, but you’ll feel better and so will the person you show kindness to.

Anyway, if you run into someone you believe deserves those flowers, let us know.

When you are young, you believe that life and health go on forever. Few, if any, of your friends will come down with debilitating sicknesses and diseases.

Once into middle age, things change.

Friday afternoon, I interviewed a couple of Janet Bannerman’s children who, with their siblings, are putting out a CD to raise money for research for the degenerative brain disease that is robbing Janet of her life.

Seeing Janet reminded me of a long-time friend and proof reader at The Independent, Dr. Lou Tusz, who was also quickly disabled by another degenerative brain disorder – Pick’s Disease. And I know too many other people, young and old, who have been struck out of the blue by disease.

If you still have your health, enjoy it and live each day.

During the birth and hospital stay of our new grandson, his parents have left us a dog to look after.

After her owner, I am number 2 in the affections of the dog. She follows me everywhere around the house and the office.

This dog seems to have four main interests in life – treats, squirrels, walks and sleep.

Daisy will do anything for a treat – sing, dance, rollover, you name it – except walk in a civilized manner.

Fortunately, the dog sitting routine should be over this week. And that’s a good thing – otherwise my arms would be longer.

We’re pretty lucky in this country. Our election campaigns last only a month or so. After two years of primaries, etc., the U.S. votes next month for a new president. And after all that time, voters south of the border don’t have much of a choice.