Let's get to the facts


Councillor Ken Craig stated I was a bad guy for slagging CAO John DeRosenroll and he didn’t want any part of my discussion to Kincardine council.

Craig wanted a public position so he should stand up when the going gets tough. This is the same guy that stood in my living room and stated in front of a group of us that he couldn't wait for a health study on wind turbines because he had $30,000 coming his way from lease agreements.

Is council refusing to look at the bylaws in front of it, forcing me to legal action? This is how residents are treated in this community. No open discussion, just do as we say!

In the harbour there is a lot of great people connected with the yacht club but unfortunately there is always the power mongers. The harbour is a municipal asset that should be enjoyed by many not just a few. The people making the rules have a boat in the harbour, so what do they care?

Let it be known that when Kincardine bought the harbour for $1 in 2001 from the feds the agreement states they must run a public facility or else be on the hook for $250,000 of land transfer tax.

At this time, DeRosenroll signed it over to the yacht club,an incorporation (hardly public). Maybe he is upset because I pointed this out?

The north pier and the rest of the harbour will belong to the municipality in 2015 unless the first nations lay claim according to the divestiture agreement the municipality has with the feds. The municipality is in complete control of the harbour as long as it leaves room for the current fishing fleet of four boats, half the room on the north pier.

No person can break the bylaws in this municipality so why is council allowed?

Andy Robinson