Ben Lobb elected in Huron-Bruce

Voter turnout higher here than nationally

After 15 years of Liberal representation, Huron-Bruce is sending a Conservative to Ottawa.

Ben Lobb won Tuesday night’s election over main rival, Greg McClinchey, with ease. Lobb took 44 per cent of the vote, while McClinchey only mustered 33 per cent.

In total, Lobb earned 22,202 votes, just fewer than 6,000 more than McClinchey, who took over the Liberal candidacy from incumbent Paul Steckle.

NDP Candidate Tony McQuail ended up third. He tallied 7,426 votes, or 15 per cent of the total. The Green Party’s Glen Smith was fourth, followed by Christian Heritage Party candidate Dave Joslin and Independent Dennis Valenta.

According to Elections Canada, 64.7 per cent of Huron-Bruce’s 76,583 registered voters cast a ballot Tuesday. National numbers show 59.1 per cent of Canadians voted – down from 64.9 per cent in 2006.

Lobb’s victory comes less than two years after his close loss to Steckle. The Conservative totaled 20,289 votes while Steckle squeaked by him with 21,260.

This election’s voter turnout was well down from 2006. Only 49, 580 people cast ballots in 2008, compared to 53,546 in 2006.