Termites enjoy Curling Club


The Kincardine Curling Club has long been enjoyed by many – including the local termite population.

The curling club, located on Kincardine Avenue, is undergoing major repairs after serious termite damage was found on the structure’s north side.

Five major laminated wood support beams on the north side are  being replaced with steel beams at a cost of $10,000, said Kincardine Curling Club president Jim Prenger. The money will come from the curling club’s reserve funds.

Steel siding was put on the building about four years ago, said Prenger. Last year there was evidence of termite damage. This summer some of the steel siding was removed and severe damage found.

“If I could offer one piece of advice, don’t let your wood strapping touch the ground,” said Prenger Wednesday evening.

Contractors Ian Falls, left, and Grayson Taylor with Kincardine Curling Club volunteer Ray Kester. They are standing by a brace holding up a wooden beam about to be replaced. (Eric Howald photo)

The termites moved up the strapping, which allowed them to reach the laminated wood beams that support the roof.

I.F.  Construction of Georgetown Inc. began work Thursday morning and by 11 a.m. Friday had two of the new beams in place. The company  is also replacing the wood strapping with steel, installing new styrofoam insulation and then replacing the siding.

Ray Kester, who installs and maintains the ice surface at the Kincardine Curling Club, said that the project might delay the opening of the club by a day or two.

“The ice should be ready by the 27th, maybe the 29th,” Kester said Wednesday afternoon,  adding the season shouldn’t be delayed at all. “I may be able to get it in a few days earlier if the weather turns cold.”

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