Setting the facts straight


In regard to Wednesday’s council meeting, council would not listen to the facts regarding bylaw 2000-164. This is an agreement between the Kincardine  Yacht Club and the municipality which states the yacht club can rent out the north pier.

In June, I received bylaw 2000-164 from the clerk’s office and from Karen Keiffer of the recreation committee, which handles the harbour. At that time, I asked why the bylaw was not being enforced.

Councillor Laura Haight said at the meeting that the bylaw did not matter; she was looking at a bylaw on the internet which said nothing about the north pier. That’s because she was looking at the bylaw to establish rates and fees for services. At that point, Mayor Larry Kraemer agreed with her, saying “It’s on the internet.”

Thursday I discovered Haight was just looking at the fee bylaw.and not the agreement with the yacht club. So, council again escaped talking about bylaw 2000-164.

They fail to deal with the issue because they know they are wrong. Yet they can use their power to try and intimidate me with outrageous bills.

The bylaw says they must rent out the north pier. I’m there to protest the fact council is not enforcing the bylaw. I also want to start a sailing school at the harbour and the bylaw states there is docking for commercial boats – and there is no waiting list for that.

As for the 20 slips, they are mandated by the yacht club and the figure could be changed at any time.

Andy Robinson