External review is needed


There have not been many times of the past that I have agreed with your thinking, but you are right when you say that there has to be an external review of all municipal employees.  The taxpayers of the municipality need to realize that this is a must if you want your municipality to succeed.  It is going to cost money, there is no two ways about that, but in the end hopefully there will be a truer picture of who is running our municipality and what type of job they are doing for the municipality.  I know in the past that there have been internal consults done and as far as I know the situation didn’t change.  The council needs to hire a consultant to review the management and employees.


I read that if council wants this, it needs to have some questions ready.  Do you not think that a consultant hired to do this, does not already know what to do, where to go and what questions to ask?  The long and short of it is, are the people we have hired to run our municipality doing the job that we expect them to do?


Councillors new and old, I implore you to consider this move on behalf of your taxpayers and spend the money and have an external consult done.  Don’t go to a council meeting and rehash and rehash.  Just make your motion and get this done, the sooner the better.  I think that this council would be making a big mistake if it does not make this happen.  It can be a long four years of manipulation.


With regard to the long council meetings.  The answers are usually given in the first 15 minutes and then it takes 2 ½ hours to rehash them.  I know; I went through four years of it.  Read your procedural bylaw and then have the mayor adhere to it.  That should certainly cut down on the go around the table again.

With regard to the interest in the gas, I don’t know about most taxpayers, but I would like to see this handled by the Economic Development Committee.  This committee is now acting on its own and not as a committee of council.  This is what they are set up to do and I am sure that they must get very frustrated wondering who else has their finger in the pie. There is just too much meddling as far as I am concerned.  This is another reason that a consultant is required.  If council needs to know what questions to ask I would be more than pleased to contribute some of my own.


Marsha Leggett