Pro wind group ready to speak up in Kincardine


By Barb McKay


Wind energy developers have found support from a group of Kincardine-area residents.


Approximately one dozen wind power supporters showed up at Kincardine council chambers last week for a meeting to discuss municipal policies and procedures for wind development projects.


Ralph and Jutta Splettstoesser of Kincardine Township said some residents who are in favour of green energy initiatives are in the process of forming a pro-wind energy group called Citizens for Wind Turbines.


Following the special council meeting, Jutta commented that Kincardine council is going against provincial regulations by adopting policies and procedures for wind developers to follow.


“I find it’s illegal what council is doing and it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money,” she said. “If you want progress and want green energy in this area, it’s not the way to go about it.”


Jutta said there are many people in and around Kincardine, many who do not have wind turbines on their properties, who support the projects. Most of them have been afraid to speak out.


“They’ve realized that enough is enough and we have to speak up,” Jutta said. “We have to have a voice. The anti-wind people are a loud minority. A number of people want wind energy.”


The Splettstoessers do not have a wind turbine on their farm and have no plans to own or lease one. They have family in Germany and say they haven’t heard of any problems with wind developments in that country.


“Progress and change are controversial,” said Ralph. “Wind turbines are new here, but they’re not new in Europe. We have family there and they don’t know of any impacts of wind turbines. It’s a non-issue.”


The Splettstoessers, like other supporters who attended the meeting, hope wind energy will find acceptance in Kincardine.


“There’s a nuclear symbol in our municipal emblem,” Jutta said. “Maybe someday there will be a wind turbine.”