Blinky under 24-hour guard


The Kincardine Old Boys and Girls Reunion committee does not want a repeat of 10 years ago.
That's why three "men in black" were accompanying the Kincardine BIA mascot, Blinky, in Saturday evening's pipe band parade.
"We have Blinky under 24-hour guard," says reunion chairperson Laura Haight.

It was 10 years ago tonight that Blinky disappeared on the eve of the 1998 reunion.
The BIA mascot was reported missing by his keeper, Julia Sandel, early on the Thursday morning,
The disappearance was treated as a major news story by the Toronto Star, Sun-Times, CBC Radio and CKNX Radio and Television.

Sandel told a television reporter that she had awakened at 5 a.m. Thursday and saw a red glove in the driveway of her Durham Market North home. She knew Blinky was gone.

While many in town took the event lightly, the authorities did not and a massive search was undertaken.
Blinky was found just in time to take his place of honour in the Callithumpian Parade of the 1998 reunion.
"We take a dim view of Blinky's reputation taking another hit," says Haight. "We don't know why he went AWOL last reunion, but it can't happen again. We have some of our best people keeping Blinky under surveillance."

Although Blinky's handlers were apoplectic a decade ago over his disappearance, the case generated tens of thousands of dollars of free publicity for the town.

There are many stories about who was involved in the Blinky "walk-away." However, the true story has yet to be told.
"Until the reunion is over," says Haight, "we'll continue to have our secret service keeping an eye on Blinky."