Chantry Chinook alive and well


Recent articles in regards to the problems with the 2011 Kincardine Fishing Derby allude that the reason all local derbies are having problems is due to the decline in this sport. Those of us who organize and run the Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby totally disagree and our experience has shown a rapid three-year growth in attendance and financial strength. The 2011 Chinook Classic Salmon Derby will be our 28th annual event.


The demise of any local event is due to lack of qualified persons to take up the mantle. Most organizations suffer from burn-out of key people. This is the case for Kincardine.


Our situation is just the reverse. Our derby has 11 enthusiastic, dedicated and creative committee members who begin each October to pull together sponsors, arrange marketing, establish 31 ticket outlets and prepare publication of Hooked on Huron. We run the derby as a business structure and account for every dollar that comes in and goes out.


The Chantry Chinook includes all of Bruce County, and Kincardine is a major center for our activities from July 23 – Aug. 7, 2011. We urge Kincardine to continue supporting us going forward.


This derby is getting bigger and better. Our annual participants come from all over Ontario and the USA for our 16-day event, and our prize structure is viewed as balanced from top to bottom. The fishing has improved greatly and we have expanded the fishing area to include parts of Georgian Bay as well as our normal Point Clark to Stokes Bay waters. We urge those interested to visit our website at or the Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC ) website. 


All funds raised go back to the LHFC for fish re-stocking programs, conservation programs and education for the benefit of our wonderful Lake Huron water-basin. The Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby is very much alive and expanding for years to come. We are very proud of this largest single annual event in Bruce County


Bob Greason, Derby chairman,

Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby