Scaring babies


Do you ever wonder from whence all the e-mails come?

Our service provider removes the "spam" on a regular basis and we try to check it regularly, just in case there is the odd important message.

No one checked it for eight days last week, so I took a look – there were more than 1,050 messages. From the title of the messages, most are trying to con people into buying sex products, cheap prescription drugs, mortgage deals, blah, blah. We’ll receive messages from 15 people in a row with exactly the same title – hardly obvious that the message is some kind of gimmick.

Every once in a while, some sucker must bite and so the e-mails keep coming.

Of those more than 1,000 messages, I opened one. On Sept. 21, a local person reported seeing a one- to two-year-old black bear run into the bush on the east side of Highway 21, across from the gravel access road to the south end of Hunter Street.

The message had also been sent to the police.

Hopefully the bear has headed north.

A final note on e-mails. We get hundreds each week so send your information as soon as possible to meet deadlines and don’t keep sending in changes to your original e-mail. Get it right before you send it. And if you send information after 1 p.m. Monday, it is likely too late for that week’s newspaper.


Three or so years ago, while still living in my house, some strange creature, a bird I believe, drove the neighourhood nuts, making a weird noise from dusk to the early hours of the morning.

It was always in the same tree, but no one could see or find it.

This fall, the bird is in another neighbourhood . Debbie Dennis came into the office last week to ask if we had heard of such a creature.

I gave her the good news. The bird will leave when winter comes and will likely visit another neighbourhood next fall.


And speaking of my old house….according to the phone book I still live there.

When we moved a year ago April, we figured Bruce Telecom would change the address when they changed the phone because they send the bill to our correct address.

The company did not – the old address was still in the phone book. So Dana went into the phone company office downtown and asked that our new address be put in the next phone book.

We arrived home Saturday evening to find a pile of new phone books on the sidewalk in front of the office. Our old address is in the new phone book too.

My apologies to the people who bought our house and to the post office – they’re both still forwarding mail.

I may have to pay the post office to once again forward our mail.


With a day off Saturday, Dana and I decided to get out of town. But you never really get away.

We ordered tickets to Caesar and Cleopatra for Saturday evening at the Stratford Festival . Saturday was also Doors Open in Listowel, Milverton, Millbank and Stratford so we stopped at some of the historic buildings along the way.

In Listowel, we visited the beautiful Knox Presbyterian Church. One of the tour guides was familiar - Jim Walker.

When I was a member of the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (now Heritage Kincardine) more than 30 years ago, we hired Walker as a summer student to do research on the architecture and history of some of Kincardine’s heritage homes. Walker was involved in getting Kincardine’s first Heritage Walk going and remembers people saying he was crzy to do so.

He obviously keeps in touch with Kincardine because he knows that this year’s walk, which was to be number 30, was cancelled. Walker, an interior designer, gave us the inside information on Knox.

At Stratford City Hall, the tour guide, a member of council, said he hired Ron Shaw, Kincardine’s former CAO, for Stratford.

The idea for seeing Caesar and Cleopatra at the festival came from Shelly Bonnett, who ran Shelley’s Bistro in Kincardine for many years. She now has a store in downtown Stratford – Lauren Whitney.

Caesar and Cleopatra, starring Christopher Plummer, is quick paced and full of laughs.

Don’t tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper that I enjoyed Caesar and Cleopatra and Doors Open. He apparently doesn’t like the arts.

Well, I like the arts and I like hockey (Harper says he does too), but my theatre tickets, five rows from the front, were cheaper than Toronto Maple Leafs tickets. And in Stratford, I at least get my money’s worth.

And I hate to say it, but I can’t picture Harper in a ball hat hanging out with the boys at a hockey game.


Finally, for some reason I’m still interested in politics and have been watching the CBC national news each evening to see what the three wise men are up to.

For as long as I can remember, politicians have been kissing babies during elections. Does anyone know why?

In this day and age, you just don’t allow anyone on the street to kiss your kids. And what better way to scare a kid than to allow a frenzied "wise man" to stick his head into your baby buggy?

Allowing politicians to pick up little kids could attract the wrong type of person to the trade. Look what has happened in the private schools and some churches.

I won’t tell you how to vote. The Tory, Liberal and NDP supporters always vote for their party man – whether he be mule or molester. The rest of the people, hopefully, are paying attention and know how they are going to vote.

By the way, no politician knows how to fix the economy, no matter what he says.